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Telehealth at Carolina Partners in Mental Healthcare in North Carolina (NC)

What is Telehealth?
Telehealth is the use of communications technologies to deliver mental health care to clients who prefer to receive services from the comfort of their own home.  Sessions take place via telephone or Skype, depending on what works best for the client and the care provider. 

Right now we have one partner, Michael Goulding, LCSW, providing telehealth services for CPMH.  He's a specialist in Telecoaching.  Click on his name to see his bio, and to learn more about the services he provides.  Click HERE for Mr. Goulding's Online Telecoaching Assessment Form, which should be completed before your initial evaluation.

How Does it Work?

1) Interested clients should complete an online telehealth intake form and select a telehealth provider of choice.

2) Our telehealth provider will email or phone you to discuss how sessions work in detail, and set up an initial appointment.  Once the appointment is scheduled, you should return to this web page and complete a payment plan form with your credit card information, and any provider-specific assessment forms you've been asked to complete, before your initial evaluation.

3) You will need to download free Skype software for video-conference sessions.

4) At the pre-scheduled appointment time, a telehealth provider will contact you via telephone or Skype to conduct the session.

5) Once the session is complete, your credit card will be charged the agreed upon rate.


1) Is telehealth effective?

Many studies have found telehealth/teletherapy/telecoaching to be as effective as face-to-face therapy.  See the link below to read more.

There are some concerns for which telehealth would not be appropriate, including substance abuse.  You and your caregiver will discuss whether you're an appropriate candidate for telehealth prior to the first session.

2) How much does a session cost?

Our telecoaching sessions with Mr. Goulding cost $80 for a 45-60 minute session and $150 for an initial 60-90 minute evaluation.  We offer telehealth services at a significant discount from our in-office sessions as most services are not covered by insurance plans.

3) Is telehealth covered by insurance companies?

Telecoaching is not covered by insurance companies. 

Telemedicine is covered by some insurance plans, but patients will need to file their own claims for telemedicine.  We will not file insurance claims for any of our telehealth services.

4) What if my computer goes down in the middle of a session?

Your care provider will go over a contingency plan with you ahead of time. Technology is fairly reliable these days, but power outages and other technical issues can occur from time to time.  You and your provider will have a plan in place before treatment begins.

5) Will my personal information be protected?

Yes.  Skype has a high bit encryption, exceeding the standards set by HIPAA.



***If you are in crisis or experiencing a medical emergency, please do not attempt to contact us via the online intake form as we do not have immediate responders.  Please call 911 for help.***




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