Psychiatric Evaluations & Medication Management

A psychiatric evaluation is not a therapy appointment - think of it as pre-therapy!  Your doctor will sit down and talk with you, in order to get an overall picture of your life and to pinpoint the causes of your emotional distress.

Your doctor’s questions might vary depending on what they observe and what you tell them. Sometimes, certain cognitive tests (like memory tests) are used to rule out physical damage to the brain, and sometimes more lab tests might be required before any sort of decision can be made about your treatment. Once the doctor has made their determination, you will be referred to the appropriate provider - whether that be a therapist for further conversation, a neuropsychiatrist for the various forms of cognitive treatment we offer, or a psychiatrist for prescribing medication.

Thanks to Carolina Partners’ new Direct Care Telehealth app you can download on your smartphone or tablet, some psychiatric evaluations can now be done online! Additionally, Direct Care can now help you assist with routine follow-ups,  and aid you and your provider with medication management. Just download the free app, and you can connect with your practitioner if you have any questions or concerns about medication refills, dosages, or side-effects.

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