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" price is too high to pay for owning yourself." - Friedrich Nietsche
"In America, ownership has its privileges." - Everyone

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Each Carolina Partners clinician joins as a full partner, an equity owner, from day one. Unlike many other well-established private partnerships, Carolina Partners does not charge an upfront premium to join. We designed this to be a significant incentive for new partners.

Carolina Partners has been in business for twenty years. It is the largest private outpatient mental health practice in North Carolina earning more than $7 million in gross revenues in 2012. The partnership comes with automatic entry into the Carolina Partners Capital Fund, co-owned by all the partners, currently with assets of over $1 million. We are currently recruiting motivated psychiatrists.

There are no traps or tricks involved with being a Carolina Partners psychiatrist. There is no long-term commitment necessary and no covenants-not-to-compete. A person can leave the partnership for any reason, at any time, with absolutely no penalty. We are committed to the notion that every partner in Carolina Partners is happy to be here. For more information, fill out the career opportunity interest form. We are searching for the top psychiatrists looking for job opportunities in North Carolina, including mental health positions in Raleigh, NC; Asheville, NC; Durham, NC; Chapel Hill, NC; Wake Forest, NC; Cary, NC; and more. 

Carolina Partners Opportunities come in two varieties:

  • Practicing professionally as a psychiatrist or other mental health professional; and
  • Leveraging one's ownership in Carolina Partners into other business and investment opportunities.
  1. Practicing professionally: With Carolina Partners, most clinicians have a regular medical practice, treating patients, submitting insurance claims and getting paid. We find that incomes for Carolina Partners professionals meet or beat market standards for North Carolina. A psychiatrist who is willing to work full-time (treating 40 hours of patients per week at a reasonable pace) will earn $170,000.00 per year at least. Our model is comprehensively supportive. Carolina Partners does everything for its clinicians except treat the patients and write the notes, so they can focus on treating patients.

  2. Other Business and Investment Opportunities: In addition to practicing, each Partner in Carolina Partners has a legitimate shot at real wealth accumulation by leveraging their ownership in this large enterprise. The mechanism for this wealth creation is simple:
    • Internal Investments-Carolina Partners provides each partner multiple internal, i.e., within the "Carolina Partners Group" of companies) investment options, including real estate joint ventures and more. We find investing in ourselves yields opportunities that would not otherwise be available to the typical investor. Ask us about this. We will be glad to discuss these ventures at length.
    • Entrepreneurial Projects-Carolina Partners actively encourages and supports professionals who wish to pursue entrepreneurial projects and businesses. We are willing to commit money to our partners' good ideas and can provide all the business infrastructure and support such projects might need. Some businesses that have been successfully initiated within the past few years are:
      • The Carolina Partners Neuropsychiatric Clinic-Sandeep Vaishnavi, MD, PhD approached us in 2012 and asked if we were interested in developing, with him, a world-class neuropsychiatric clinic. After some due diligence, we agreed. Since then, Carolina Partners has committed more than $300,000.00 in seed money, plus business and marketing support, while Dr. Vaishnavi has established the Carolina Partners Neuropsychiatric Clinic in Raleigh, NC. In 2013, the Clinic is expected to gross about $700,000.00 with significant growth to come. Dr. Vaishnavi is the Clinic's director and directly shares in the Clinic's profits.
      • The Carolina Partners Nurses Supervision Program-Most Carolina Partners' psychiatrists supervise one or more nurse practitioners or PAs. Because North Carolina's supervision rules are modest, money earned from supervising good, experienced nurses or PAs is almost passive income for the doctor. Psychiatrists earn from $10,000.00 to $15,000.00 per nurse, so a doctor supervising four full time nurses would earn up to $60,000.00 per year in extra income.
      • The Carolina Partners Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Program-In 2012, one of our psychiatrists asked if Carolina Partners was interested in setting up a TMS program with her. After due diligence, Carolina Partners agreed, paid for some training, purchased a TMS chair for $100,000.00 and found room for it in our Raleigh Neuropsychiatric Clinic. The practice is charging a little bit below the going rate for TMS (we charge $9,000, cash, with a discount to $7150 for quick payers for a six week program) and the director earns an extra $1000.00 per patient for approximately two and one half hours of work.
      • The Carolina Partners Coverage Program-In 2011, our Medical Director started a locum-tenens-style coverage company, using Carolina Partners psychiatrists and nurses, to cover the staffing needs of certain Wake County mental health facilities. To date (10-2013), this program has earned over $121,000.00.
      • The Asheville South Suboxone Program- Our anchor psychiatrist in Asheville started a suboxone clinic in October, 2013 - this project is still in its start-up phase.
      • The Carolina Partners Forensics Program-Carolina Partners provides forensic evaluations and expert testimony for court proceedings. Carolina Partners markets and administers the program, and splits the fee with each forensic expert.

Psychiatrists, nurse practictioners, physician assistants, and other professionals interested in finding out more about Carolina Partners in Mental HealthCare may contact us at:

Stanley Monroe, Esq.
Executive Director
Carolina Partners in Mental HealthCare, PLLC
1502 W. NC Hwy 54, Suite 103
Durham, NC 27707

Phone 919-967-9567
Email [email protected]
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