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Get the treatment for your PTSD that you are looking for with Carolina Partners!

The road to recovery when coping with PTSD is overwhelming and long; oftentimes, the struggles of finding insurance coverage that works for you with high-quality results and low costs can make a difficult situation even worse. At Carolina Partners, we aim to help you get past this hurdle and achieve the life you deserve. Every patient – of every income – deserves care that is tailored to their individual needs, without the stress and costs often experienced with limited and uncooperative insurance plans. Under our comprehensive coverage, you’ll be able to get help with your PTSD, regardless of background or needs, with a professional best suited to your case. PTSD is already a difficult thing to deal with, and making sure that you aren’t struggling with your insurance company on top of that is paramount. At Carolina Partners, you only need to pay your average co-pay and/or deductibles, and you’ll have access to a care team who can help you achieve the quality of life you want. Don’t let insurance companies and their policies get in the way of your recovery.


Does filing insurance claims frustrate you? At Carolina Partners, we will work with you to get you through this difficult process so you can get back to your recovery. We will personally file your claims and help you get your authorizations. We know that filing is a long process, and we will work with your insurance company on your behalf, including dealing with any potential technical issues and ensuring that any problems that come up during your filing is handled swiftly.

Treatment areas are:

Carolina Partners strives to be on the cutting-edge of care models, improving our delivery of high-quality, low cost PTSD therapy. One of our primary models of care is the ACO model, designed to promote better and more reliable care, while ensuring that costs remain low. ACOs, or Accountable Care Organizations, are groups of psychiatrists, therapists, doctors, and insurance companies that work together to provide you care under one system, sharing information and data from your visits with one another in order to improve the quality of your care. By building an entire care team under one system, treatment becomes more collaborative and cohesive, giving you access to more affordable insurance packages and plans, as well as a network of companies and providers utilizing cutting-edge research. No longer will you have to go to separate professions and programs, or worry about whether or not your care team are all under the same plan. You will be able to get the PTSD treatment you’re looking for, taking all aspects of your health into account together.


Working through the high costs of deductibles can be extremely frustrating, and we want to help. Carolina Partners will not only offer you flexible payment plans on high deductibles, but will also give you access to affordable cash rates. We will work with you to form a plan that is individualized and made to fit your budget.

PTSD is a daily struggle, and your physical and mental health are both important. Don’t let external frustrations and difficulties get in the way of you getting the treatment and support you deserve. If you’re looking to begin your path to recovery with a certified psychiatrist, you can start by simply filling out this quick form. At Carolina Partners, we want you to be well.

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