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Looking to find Christian Marriage Counseling Near Me

Where do I go to find great Christian marriage counseling near me?

When should a couple consider marriage counseling?

How does Christian marriage counseling near me work?

What should I expect when starting marriage counseling or working with a counselor? 

These are just some of the questions you may be asking as you and your partner consider Christian based marriage counseling or spiritual marriage counseling. The team at Carolina Partners in Mental HealthCare PLLC understands what you are feeling, and we are equipped to answer any questions you have in regards to marriage counseling. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff is ready to help you and your loved one find the right Christian based marriage counselor — plus, throughout our 35 North Carolina locations, we offer you access to a variety of clinicians trained to provide counseling for relationship conflict and Christian marriages.

How do I know if my loved one and I need marriage counseling?

Problems within a relationship can become a major source of stress, anxiety, and/or depression when left unresolved. Plus, relationship problems can be easily exacerbated by outside stressors, such as a preexisting mental illnesses, home moves, transitions within work, or death/losses in the family. Conflicts can become doubly complicated in a marriage (or any relationship) involving children. Carolina Partners knows that the matter of resolving your relationship issues is complex, and vital to your emotional wellbeing. We understand that your religious beliefs and personal values will come into play as you take on the task of addressing any relationship conflicts or issues. We know how important these beliefs and values are to your family. This is why our specialists have been trained to help you talk through your issues with clarity and compassion. Carolina Partners will help you deal with stress and emotional duress as you go about your life and continue deepening your family’s Christian faith.

How does the available Christian marriage counseling near me work?

 The counselors at Carolina Partners work with patients in a couple of different ways, but the goal of treatment is always the same. Our counselors work hard to help individuals and couples understand why they are acting and thinking in ways that are troubling or dangerous to themselves (or others). This understanding often allows an individual to recognize (and rewrite) negative thought patterns or mindsets, and ultimately have more control over their behaviors.


How do I decide between one of the Christian marriage counselors near me?

As you use our great online portal to find the right counseling for you, you will notice that Carolina Partners has many qualified counselors ready to help. For example, Sonia Harris, MEd, LPC earned her MEd at the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA. Harris has experience not only has a therapist, but as a professional instructor and a family therapist as well. She has a special aptitude for those seeking Christian-based counseling. She has spent over 16 years working with educational and social support organizations, while also remaining dedicated to one-on-one treatment. Her experience includes working with university students, families, communities, and administrations to ensure positive community growth and psychologically healthy environments. Ms. Harris currently treats ages 9 and up at our Raleigh, NC location, where she specializes in depression, anxiety, grief/loss, and Christian-based counseling. Again, consider using the Carolina Partners online portal to search for the marriage counselor right for you. We have many qualified professionals at your disposal.


What do I do if I think I would benefit from Christian marriage counseling near me?

If you think you and a loved one would benefit from working with a counselor, please reach out to the office of Carolina Partners at 919-929-9610. You can also search our specialists, and search “Christian marriage counseling near me,” here at our online portal. As you search our online portal and look for a counselor or clinical psychologist in a nearby neighborhood, you’ll see that we have many options to fit your needs. We offer you access to over 120 clinicians in our 35 North Carolina locations with distinct areas of expertise in Asheville, Cary, Chapel Hill, Concord, Durham, Raleigh, Wake Forest, Wilson, and the surrounding areas. Again, when you are ready, please contact Carolina Partners in Mental HealthCare PLLC at 919-929-9610. We look forward to hearing from you soon and answering any Christian marriage counseling questions you might have!

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