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Christian Counseling

Explore Mental Health Treatment in a Lifestyle of Faith with Christian Counseling at Carolina Partners!


Mental health and positive life practices are important to everyone, including those who worship, and with Carolina Partners’ Christian counseling, you and your family can access the affordable, quality care you deserve. Carolina Partners respects all faiths, and will incorporate your faith into your care plan. Carolina Partners strives to create a system whereby anyone who needs treatment or general care, regardless of their level of income, has the opportunity to get the high-quality counseling they want at a cost they can afford with a certified psychiatrist and care team. To make your life easier, Carolina Partners usually only requires payment of an average co-pay and/or deductible, giving you access to the Christian counseling that will keep you and your family happy and healthy.

Filing insurance claims can be very difficult, but Carolina Partners will work with you to make this process easier so you can focus on your family and your life. We will not only personally file your claims for you, but we’ll work with your insurance company on your behalf to make filing manageable and low-stress. Along with this, we will help obtain your authorizations, working to deal with any potential technical issues that may arise during filing.


Carolina Partners prioritizes care models that enrich the experience of our patients, including (though not limited to) the area Christian counseling. We use an ACO model, designed to create better and more affordable health care. ACOs, or Accountable Care Organizations, are groups of psychiatrists, therapists, doctors, and insurance companies that work together to collaborate on your and your family’s care, making sure that you get the best possible care that fits your lifestyle. Under this model, you have access to affordable packages and plans, as well as interconnected insurance networks. You and your care team will have access to cutting-edge research, all under a unified system. Rather than keeping track of your care, you will be able to rest easy knowing all of your treatment is under one network. Better treatment means a happier life, and we want to give you access to this care without all the typical struggles associated with health care coverage.


Even with this coverage, dealing with high deductibles can make the process impossible to manage. Finding care that enriches your faith and your life is already difficult enough without also dealing with this burden. Carolina Partners not only offers flexible payment plans, but also gives you access to affordable cash rates. Together, we will determine a plan that works best for you and your budget.


Our beliefs and our lifestyles go hand in hand, so promoting a happy life that recognizes, enriches, and draws from your religious experience shouldn’t be a struggle. Don’t let traditional insurance programs get in the way of your search for Christian counseling. If you’re ready to access better care, you can begin by simply filling out this quick form to get you connected to a professional Christian counselor.

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